Heavy legs?
Painful legs?
Swollen by the end of the day?
Increasing with hot weather?
Or after a day on your feet?

Blood in the veins in your legs flows back up to the heart.
Venous insufficiency is a condition whereby the veins in your legs have difficulty sending blood back up to the heart.
This condition affects the valves in your veins whose primary function is to prevent blood from flowing backwards.

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Are your daily habits good?

Your daily habits are very important parameters that can influence the appearance of venous disease.

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Solutions for Leg Pain

Solutions exist!

Leg pain is not a fatality.
Treating venous insufficiency is essential,
and solutions exist to reduce symptoms and prevent complications.

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Helpful tips

Several tips can help to prevent the risk of venous disease, especially for pregnant women.

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Questions & answers

Questions & Answers

How to recognize chronic venous disease?
What are the lifestyle measures to prevent chronic venous disease symptoms?

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Have a venous check-up!

This rapid questionnaire will enable you to assess your potential risk of suffering, or not, from chronic venous disease.

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